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Hi!, My name's Nguyen Van Hien. I am a young programmer full of enthusiasm and always dedicated to work. With 5 years of experience in API, web programming (PHP and NodeJS) and 3 years of experience in programming windows platform applications, I am confident that I can successfully complete any project related to these platforms. My friends and customers always believe in me. Some of the project areas I usually work on are: tax management software, import-export management software, e-commerce websites, employee management websites, travel websites, news websites, blockchain-related systems, e-commerce applications, car booking, tools to get website data (crawl data), automatic login tools, chrome extensions,... most. I can program and deploy projects from many stages, from requesting, coding, testing to deploying to the server, Apple Store, Play Store.

I am available for freelance projects.

Let's work together indeed!

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ACTIVITIES More about my past

01/2016 - 05/2016

IT TGU Club/Management board member

The exchange of information and sharing of experience on technical programming and future career orientation.

09/2016 - 12/2016

ACM/ICPC/Member in TGU Team

"ACM-ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) is the oldest and most prestigious international programming competition for students in universities and colleges around the world. This is an opportunity for university students and colleges to demonstrate and practice problem-solving and programming skills. After the regional finals, the best teams from all continents will be selected to compete in the ACM-ICPC World Final, aiming to find the world champion."



"The competition runs from September to December 2016, aiming to find feasible business ideas in three main areas: information technology, food technology and business solutions. The competition also creates opportunities for young people, students and those who raise their aspirations to become entrepreneurs, etc. Since then, they have fostered entrepreneurship, aspiring to become entrepreneurs."

12/2016 - 04/2017

HBB Solutions Company/Internship in Web Team

Practice and learn the experience from the older brothers and sisters

08/2017 - 04/2018

HBB Solutions Company/Developer/Leader Web Team

Get acquainted and solve with practical problems, difficult math problems in business and technology

05/2018 - 05/2019

An Lac Giao (3FORCOM) Company/Backend Developer

Get acquainted and solve with practical problems, math problems in business and technology

02/2018 - Present

Zyncas Technologies Company/Backend Developer

Taking Participate in developing freelancer projects

1/2015 - Present

SCC Alumni Network/Member

"SCC Alumni Network was created in 2013 to enable former SCC employees and interns to stay in touch with colleagues from all over the world. People from Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Iran, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and USA are some of the many people that have shared their culture and knowledge with the SCC Secretariat during past years."

Services What I can do for you

Social Network

Interactive with social networking application…

Chats, Calls & Stream

Chat, call, broadcast live realtime any where and any time…

Maps & Navigation

Many navigation applications such as Google Maps, Uber, Grab…

Promo Landing Page

Responsive landing page for companies that offer products or services...

E-commerce and Blockchain

E-commerce website likes to Tiki, Lazada, Shopee,...


Analysis and statistics daily sales, real-time,...

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